Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Nitzan / IDG talks about the success of Skype, at MIT Sloan

Skype was launched at a time when there were many IM networks and VOIP offerings, so how did it become the leading VoIP network?

1) Keep it simple (stupid!)

While there were many possibilities for features and concepts, Skype focused a few key things, namely high quality voice calls and low price.

2) Target influencers

Skype sought out early adopters who were also able to influence others. Identifying key players in the blogosphere who were satisfied with Skype helped spread the word and created viral marketing.

3) Listen to customers

Skype also met with customers regularly to get their input on new features and capabilities. There's a belief that those internal at Skype are "the worst people to define Skype features".

4) Skype org culture:

-"It's not the big who beats the small -- it's the fast who beats the slow"

-Being humble

The future ... partnership with iSkoot helped Skype branch to the mobile arena while protecting the original Skype brand.

Skype finder -- Yellow pages over skype: using reviews from Skypers on your buddy list; an opportunity to also talk to them directly.

IDG plugs: -- offers a  service  that provides customized content to your phone

Jingle -- 1800-Free-411 ... ad sponsored 411

BzzAgent -- WOM marketing network/marketing services for large brands

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